Friday, May 22, 2009

Justice Center co-sponsors program about 1963 Birmingham Baptist Church bombing

The Justice Center, in cooperation with the Alaska Bar Association, the American Board of Trial Advocates, and the ACLU, presents, "Deferred Justice: The 1963 Birmingham Baptist Church Bombing Case," with Doug Jones, former Alabama U.S. Attorney, on Wednesday, June 17, 8:30 a.m. -10:30 a.m. at the Snowden Training Center in Anchorage. Registration fee is $15 - student rate is $7.50.

Doug Jones, then Alabama U.S. Attorney, reopened the case in 2000, and in this program paints a picture of race relations in 1963 and the backdrop of the bombing. He describes how he worked with new and old evidence to create a theme for the trials of Ku Klux Klansmen Tommy Blanton and Bobby Frank Cherry, and ultimately won convictions decades after the crime that was called, "the deadliest of the civil rights era."

For information on student scholarships, please contact 786-1810. Professor Deborah Periman is the Justice Center planning committee representative.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dr. Rivera interviewed by KTUU Channel 2 News

Dr. Marny Rivera, Justice Center faculty, was interviewed by Leyla Santiago of Channel 2 News about Alaska alcohol and drug abuse rates in light of the Alaska Department of Corrections' proposed expansion of substance abuse treatment programs. During the May 18, 2009 segment, Dr. Rivera discussed the relationship between substance abuse and crime, and the availability and effectiveness of treatment programs. More information on research on alcohol and drug abuse can be found on the Justice Center website.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Justice Center Bike to Work Team

The Justice Center Bike to Work Team braved the rain on May 15, 2009 to bicycle to their workplace at the UAA Justice Center.

Pictured left to right are Amy Perkins, Barbara Armstrong, Marie Brunner, Prof. Deborah Periman, and Dr. Sharon Chamard. Justice Center students Colt Nelson, Eryne Reilly, Kristen Doughty, and Kristin Machado also committed to ride to work that day. The Justice Center was one of eight other UAA Bike to Work teams that participated in this 5th Annual Anchorage Bike to Work Day.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Justice Center faculty participating in Alaska Native Issues Faculty Fellows Program

Professor Deborah Periman, Justice Center faculty, is one of sixteen UAA faculty members selected to be a Ford Foundation Fellow as part of the continuing Ford Foundation Difficult Dialogues program. The faculty development intensive training focuses on Alaska Native issues and ways of learning, and is being held May 4 -8 at UAA. This training will develop faculty leaders with enhanced skills to incorporate Alaska Native and other relational ways of teaching into their classrooms, and to understand and address difficult dialogues related to Alaska Native issues and higher education. One of the first projects of its kind in the nation, the results will be shared with the Ford Foundation and higher education institutions around the country. The program is in partnership with Alaska Pacific University, and is coordinated by the UAA Center for Advancing Faculty Excellence.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dr. Chamard speaks during Jane Jacobs' Anchorage Walk

Dr. Sharon Chamard, Justice Center faculty and president of the Fairview Community Council, commented on Fairview neighborhood history and how the community has responded to social disorder as part of the 2009 Jane’s Walk Anchorage on May 2, in honor of Jane Jacobs' legacy of grassroots city-building. These neighborhood walking tours are held annually all over North America in tribute to and in memory of Jane Jacobs (1916-2006), an urbanist and activist whose writings, including “The Death and Life of Great American Cities,” championed a fresh, community-based approach to city building.

Justice Center forms Bike to Work Team

Justice Center faculty, staff, and students have formed the Justice Center Bike to Work Team to participate in Anchorage's 5th Annual Bike to Work Day, May 15. To join the team, contact Barbara Armstrong at 786-1815 -

Monday, May 4, 2009

Dr. Rosay presents to National Sexual Assault Response Team Conference

Dr. André Rosay, Justice Center Interim Director, has been invited to make a presentation to the National Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) Training Conference in Seattle on May 27, 2009. He and Tara Henry, R.N., Forensic Nurse Consultant, will be presenting research on unconscious victims of sexual assault.

Congratulations, graduates!

Fifty-seven students were awarded Bachelor of Arts degrees in Justice and 7 students awarded Paralegal Certificates on Sunday, May 3. The Justice and Paralegal graduates were among over 2,100 University of Alaska Anchorage students who crossed the stage at Sullivan Arena yesterday to accept diplomas during the 2009 UAA commencement ceremony . Congratulations to our graduates! We at the Justice Center wish you the very best in your lives and careers.