Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Dr. Steve Langdon speaks about recent developments in Dena'ina recognition to Dr. Fortson's Tribal Courts class

Dr. Langdon talks about the efforts to recognize Dena'ina place names and events in Southcentral Alaska.
Dr. Steve Langdon, UAA Anthropology Dept. Chair, spoke to Dr. Ryan Fortson's JUST/LEGL A485 Tribal Courts class on November 1 about the history of the Dena'ina people in Southcentral Alaska and the continuing efforts to recognize Dena'ina place names and events.

L to r: Dr. Ryan Forston, Tenaya Stanton (student), and Dr. Langdon
discuss the future of the project.
Dr. Langdon provided an overview of some of the major laws and legislation affecting Alaska Natives, as well as the significant events in Alaska's history that have impacted the culture and traditions of the Cook Inlet Dena'ina, especially since the establishment of Anchorage in 1915.

Working with James Fall and UAA graduate Aaron Leggett (Dena'ina tribal member), Dr. Langdon has sought to establish recognition of Dena'ina place names and events.  Stimulated by collaborative student projects at UAA, coordinated with the Eklutna village tribe, and supported by the Cook Inlet Historical Society, new signage depicting Dena'ina cultural heritage has been erected in the Anchorage area over the past four years.  Dr. Langdon began working on this project in 2005.

For more information on the project, contact Dr. Steve Langdon, 786-6848 or email him at sjlangdon@uaa.alaska.edu