Monday, December 16, 2013

Dr. Myrstol talks to first graders about justice careers and college

L to r: Mrs. Julie Thatch and Dr. Myrstol. Mrs. Thatch
holds one of the Legal Studies gavel pencils that each
student received.
Dr. Brad Myrstol, Alaska Justice Statistical Analysis Center Director, recently visited Mrs. Julie Thatch's first grade class at Inlet View Elementary School to talk about UAA, careers in Justice, and why school is important. 

About a dozen first graders enjoyed the UAA green and gold beads and gavel pencils Dr. Myrstol distributed, and listened attentively as he talked about his work as a Justice researcher and what it means.  Students asked questions and were astounded to learn that Dr. Myrstol had been in school for 22 years to earn his Ph.D.

Dr. Myrstol stressed the importance of school and going to college, explained the difference between a Ph.D., M.D., and J.D., and described Nanooks and Seawolves.  The children are looking forward to his return - he promised that on his next visit he would teach them the Seawolf Howl. Dr. Myrstol's son is a member of Mrs. Thatch's class.

This community outreach to students in the Anchorage School District helps to underscore the importance of a college education and career choices, and acquaints students with the opportunities at UAA.