Thursday, August 15, 2013

Prof. Wolfe presents forensic light source on behalf of Swedish forensic scientist to UAF CTC Law Enforcement Academy

Prof. Jim Wolfe, Justice adjunct faculty, teaches twice yearly at the University of Alaska Fairbanks Community and Technical College (UAF CTC) Law Enforcement Academy. This spring he presented a Versa Light - a special forensic light source -  to the academy on behalf of Swedish forensic scientist Kjell Carlsson whose company invented and donated the light.

Foreground L to r: At the May 2013 course, Prof. Wolfe presents the donated Versa Light to Dusty Johnson, Coordinator,
UAF CTC Law Enforcement Academy, while academy students look on.

Mr. Carlsson visited Alaska and spoke to Prof. Wolfe's "Criminal Investigation" class in 2012. He specializes in developing innovative tools for forensic investigation and has worked for the Stockholm Police Crime Lab and the Swedish National Crime Lab. 

The light source has two types of light: white light for searching for and photographing physical evidence, and blue-green light for searching for biological fluids and other fluorescent-types of evidence.

Prof. Wolfe is a former forensic scientist with the Alaska Scientific Crime Detection Laboratory, and is currently a forensic consultant and trainer.