Monday, August 5, 2013

Prof. Knudsen presents to students in Della Keats Health Sciences Summer Residential Program

Photo of Della Puyuk Keats, Inupaiq doctor
(1909 - 1986)
Prof. Kristin Knudsen, J.D., presented  “Law and Medicine: How Law Shapes Our Health Care System (or Not)" to students in the Summer 2013 Della Keats Health Sciences Summer Program at UAA on July 23.

Prof. Knudsen's presentation focused on historical events in health care delivery in the U.S. and Alaska, and the intended and unintended impact of three laws responding to those events: the Hill-Burton Act of 1946, Title XVIII of the Social Security Act (Medicare - 1965), and the Alaska Turning Point Act of 2005.

The residential summer program is named after Della Keats, an Inupiq doctor, and seeks to foster, affirm, and encourage high school students’ interest in the medical professions. The WWAMI School of Medical Education sponsors this UAA program for high school students who come from an ethnic minority background, live in rural Alaska off the road system, are first-generation American, speak English as a second language, and/or are economically disadvantaged.

Standing center: Prof. Knudsen discusses the impact of law on health care in Alaska.

The Della Keats Leadership Team members are Dr. Ian van Tets and Dr. René Contreras, Co-Directors; Cassandra Dale, Program Coordinator; and Dr. E.J. David, ANCAP Director.