Tuesday, August 27, 2013

AJSAC releases Fact Sheet on the operating budgets of Alaska criminal justice agencies, FY 2001–2013

The Alaska Justice Statistical Analysis Center (AJSAC) has released, "Alaska Criminal Justice Agency Operating Budgets, 2001–2013,"  number 13-07 in the Fact Sheet publication series.

The July 2013 issue of the AJSAC Fact Sheet presents data on operating budgets enacted by the Alaska Legislature for six key criminal justice agencies from state fiscal years 2001 to 2013. These agencies include the Department of Corrections, Department of Public Safety, Alaska Court System, Division of Juvenile Justice, Criminal Divison of the Department of Law, and Legal and Advocacy Services within the Department of Administration (including the Office of Public Advocacy, the Public Defender Agency, and the Violent Crimes Compensation Board). The budget information presented reflects appropriations rather than actual agency expenditures. The report examines increases in budget allocations for the six agencies and the criminal justice budget as a percentage of the overall statewide operating budget over the 13-year period. The Fact Sheet is by Dr. Brad A. Myrstol, director of the Alaska Justice Statistical Analysis Center.