Friday, April 19, 2013

Prof. Periman demonstrates features of online Alaska Youth Law Guide

The Alaska Court System is distributing this
poster statewide to publicize the guide.
It was designed by Barbara Hood, Communications
Counsel for the Alaska Court System.
The Alaska Youth Law Guide: A Handbook for Teens and Young Adults, a web project of the Alaska Bar Association Law Related Education (LRE) Committee, is now online, and efforts are ramping up to get the word out about this great resource.
Prof. Deb Periman, J.D., chair of the drafting subcommittee for the guide, and Krista Scully, Alaska Bar Association Pro Bono Director, made a recent presentation to the Anchorage Youth Development Coalition on the features of the guide.  Prof. Periman also recently spoke to the Anchorage Youth Court about the guide.

The guide has chapters on
  • Law Enforcement
  • Sex, Drugs & Rock n' Roll
  •  Entering the Real World
  • Cars and Guns
  • Family Life
  • Schools
  • Courts

The goal of the guide is to help young Alaskans understand the law and how it may affect them. It provides general information about many of the legal issues teens and young adults are likely to encounter, and resources for getting more information or assistance.

Art work was selected from entries in the 2011 "Justice For All" art contest sponsored by the Alaska Court System and the Alaska Bar Law Related Education Committee.  

Prof. demonstrates features of the guide to the Anchorage Youth Development Coalition.
 Below: Bookmarks with the URL for the guide are part of the advertising campaign. The bookmark was developed by Krista Scully, Pro Bono Director for the Alaska Bar Association.