Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dr. Lepage's JUST 374 class on courts participates in mock jury selection

At podium: Cheng Vang as defense attorney checks his notes for questions. Far right: co-counsel John Croughen.

Dr. Cory Lepage's JUST 374 class, The Courts, recently participated in a mock jury selection.  Students playing the role of prosecutors and defense attorneys practiced voir dire - asking questions of potential jurors -  during class.  Other students from Dr. Lepage's JUST 110 Intro to Justice class volunteered to play the role of prospective jurors.

Students who were playing the role of lawyers were given a hypothetical domestic violence case two weeks earlier and had to prepare legally permissible questions to ask of each juror. Dr. Lepage acted as the judge in the mock jury selection.

At podium: Aaron Richwine as prosecutor begins his questioning. Far left: co-counsel Patrick Liddle takes notes.

Students volunteers from JUST 110 listen to "Judge" Lepage describe the case and the procedures for jury selection.