Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April 21 - 27 is National Crime Victims' Rights Week

This year's theme for National Crime Victims' Rights Week is "New Challenges. New Solutions." The theme reflects the spirit that launched the victims' rights movement and inspired its progress; it also renews the field's power to meet new challenges. This commemorative week has been set aside since 1981 to honor crime victims and the first responders, advocates, counselors, and others who assist them in their time of need, and the law enforcement personnel who work to bring offenders to justice.

In Alaska, the Office of Victims' Rights provides free legal services to victims of crime to help them obtain the rights they are guaranteed under the Alaska constitution and statutes with regard to their contacts with police, prosecutors, judges, and other criminal justice agencies in this state, as well as to advance and protect those victim rights in court when necessary and authorized by law.

Victims for Justice is a nonprofit in Alaska with the mission of serving victims of violent crime and the survivors of victims of homicide.