Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Justice Club tours State Crime Lab facility

Far right: Brandi Barnett, a forensic scientist, gives students a tour of the
garage where vehicles are searched.

The Justice Club sponsored a tour of the State Scientific Crime Detection Laboratory on February 27 for members and other interested students. This state of the art facility opened in June 2012. Students had the opportunity to see first-hand the forensic investigation capabilities in Alaska.

The crime lab provides forensic support to all law enforcement agencies in Alaska and provides examinations and expertise in:
  • breath alcohol    
  • blood alcohol    
  • controlled substances   
  • firearm/toolmark   
  • biological screening    
  • DNA    
  • latent fingerprints    
  • crime scene investigation

L to r: Ailee Wood and Chris Wood examine the blood spatter room where experiments are
done to determine blood spatter patterns.

After the tour, students pose for a group photo in the lobby of the crime lab.
In the background is a"percent for art" installation.