Friday, February 22, 2013

Former Justice Center directors engage in publication and research projects

Founding Justice Center Director and former Alaska Attorney General John Havelock is the author of Let's Get It Right: Why We Need An Alaska Constitutional Convention which explores the issues related to the convening of a constitutional convention, and highlights the need for various constitutional revisions to meet changing circumstances.

In 1975, he established the UAA Criminal Justice Center (today called the Justice Center) and served as Director, as well as a professor. During this time,  he also served as Director of Legal Studies for the UA system and developed a statewide major in legal studies. Today the Justice Center offers 5 undergraduate program options in Legal Studies approved by the American Bar Association.

Former Director John Angell is involved in researching and writing a history of the UAA Justice Center. He served as Assistant Director of the Justice Center from 1975 to 1979, and in 1979 became Director. In 1988 Dr. Angell accepted an appointment as Executive Director of the Department of Justice Services for Multnomah County, Oregon. He returned to the position of Director of the Justice Center in 1990 and retired in 1997.  He currently serves as Justice emeritus faculty.