Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Prof. Periman and Dr. Everett present at eportfolio pilot project conference April 13 at UAA

Prof. Deb Periman and Dr. Mary Dallas Allen,
UAA School of Social Work, discuss the benefits and
challenges of developing eportfolios.
Prof. Deb Periman, J.D., and Dr. Ron Everett, Justice faculty, presented at the Student Learning Outcomes Eportfolio Pilot Project Conference on April 13  in the Student Union.  Eight eportfolio (electronic portfolio) pilot project teams have been developing programs to demonstrate student learning outcomes.  In addition to Justice and Paralegal Studies, other disciplines with pilot projects include KPC Smart Start, Languages (Japanese and Spanish), Math, Psychology, and Social Work.

Eportfolios are the focus of much discussion in academic circles today. The conference was designed to encourage interaction with project faculty who described how eportfolios provide the opportunity for students to demonstrate what their education has prepared them for. Research shows that well-constructed student-owned portfolios with a well-defined purpose, evidence of learning, and focused reflection can improve student performance, engagement, and retention.

Justice and Paralegal Studies eportfolio exhibit.
The event highlighted the positive impact of eportfolios on the education process and how to implement eportfolios using best practices. Following the presentations, each team was available to demonstrate their portfolios and discuss the projects in a poster session.  To see the Justice and Paralegal Studies presentation click on the links below:

Justice Project Conference Presentation
Video file to download

PowerPoint presentation
Justice Project Conference Presentation.pptx

Prof. Periman and Dr. Everett present their eportfolio exhibit.

For more information on the UAA Eportfolio Working Group, contact Bart Quimby. Click here for more information on eportfolios and the UAA eportfolio initiative.