Monday, March 9, 2009

Justice Center and community partners address youth violence issues

The Justice Center work on anti-gang and youth violence policy initiatives is noted in the just released Report of the Tri-Borough Anti-Gang and Youth Violence Policy Team and Anchorage United for Youth. As a member of the Tri-Borough Anti-Gang and Youth Violence Policy Team, the Justice Center assisted in identifying 10 recommendations for studying and dealing with youth violence.

The Justice Center has been particularly involved with the Anchorage Disproportionate Minority Contact (DMC) Initiative and headed a research project which involved “community mapping of part of Anchorage that showed high rates of minority overrepresentation in referrals to the juvenile justice system.”

As part of its continuing work on these issues, the Justice Center is assisting in the development of “effective intervention for delinquent and disengaged youth.” The Justice Center evaluation team has been instrumental in “setting benchmarks and identifying measureable areas for both program and population success,” and is involved in “ongoing consultation for evaluation and implementation of the United Way-led Results Based Accountability approach.”