Friday, March 20, 2009

Alaska Justice Forum Reprints: Revisiting Alaska’s Sex Offender Registration and Public Notification Statute

Alaska Justice Forum Reprints
The Justice Center has released another in its new series of publications, Alaska Justice Forum Reprints, which reprints selected articles originally published in the Alaska Justice Forum. Release of the first four issues was announced on March 3, and another five on March 6.

Like the first nine issues, the current issue relates to sex offenders and violence against women:
Originally published in the Spring/Summer 2008 issue of the Alaska Justice Forum, this article examines the background and judicial interpretation of Alaska’s sex offender registration and public notification statute, the new federal requirements for state sex offender registries and public notice under the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act, and weaknesses in both Alaska’s existing system and the enhanced requirements of the new federal legislation. A A longer version of the piece, with complete legal citations, is also available as UAAJC Occasional Paper 2 (October 2008).