Thursday, April 10, 2014

Prof. Periman presents on student assessment and data collection at Lilly-West Conference

Prof. Deb Periman, J.D., Justice Center faculty, presented at the 26th Annual Lilly-West Conference on College and University Teaching held in February in California.

Her presentation, "Data Collection Demystified: Simple Strategies for Integrating Assessment Tools into Your Teaching," was geared to faculty who are non-specialists in quantitative data analysis. The session was a collaborative discussion of the newest and/or easiest strategies for using online tools to collect assessment data on students’ progress toward course or program outcomes. Techniques and strategies for incorporating assessment and data collection in a normal teaching routine, as well as tips for reducing time spent on data collection were highlighted.

Lilly Conferences are academic retreats that combine formal presentations and workshops with opportunities for informal discussion about excellence in college and university teaching and learning. These events are attended by internationally-known scholars, new and experienced faculty members, and administrators from all over the world who meet to discuss topics such as gender differences in learning, technology and teaching, encouraging critical thinking, student portfolios, group learning, and evaluating teaching.