Thursday, April 10, 2014

Prof. Brandeis hosts law careers panels for Intro to Law classes

Prof. Jason Brandeis, J.D., organized 2 law careers panels for his LEGL 101 Introduction to Law classes on March 26.  Prof. Brandeis invited local attorneys, paralegals, and other professionals who work in politics and government to present information on entering the legal profession, required academic credentials, tips for applying for jobs, what their particular positions entail, and critical skills needed for a successful legal career.  Students then participated in a lively q & a session with the panels.

The first panel included Carly Ashby, Paralegal, Nyquist Law Group; Meghan Kelly, Environmental & Compliance Specialist, General Communications, Inc.; Sarah Jane Shine (Fischer), Associate Attorney, Perkins Coie; and Andy Moderow, Data Director, Alaska Center for the Environment. See below.
L to r: Prof. Brandeis, Carly Ashby, Meghan Kelly, Sarah Jane Shine, and Andy Moderow.

Panel two included Vikram Patel, Program Manager/Grants Administrator, Anchorage Park Foundation; Heather MacAlpine, Associate Ombudsman, Municipality of Anchorage; Monica Elkinton, Law Office of Monica Elkinton; and Jennifer Seeley, Paralegal, Bliss, Wilkins & Clayton. Heather MacAlpine and Jennifer Seeley are Justice Center alums. See below.

L to r: Prof. Brandeis, Vikram Patel, Heather MacAlpine, Monica Elkinton, and Jennifer Seeley.