Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Justice/Paralegal Studies alum appointed to Paralegal Studies Advisory Committee

Justice Center alum Travis Harding
In Alumni News, Travis Harding, Justice B.A. '03 and  Paralegal Studies Certificate '11, has been appointed to the Paralegal Studies Advisory Committee. Travis joins Justice Center alumna Beth Adams, Chief Deputy Clerk, Alaska Appellate Courts, a long-time Advisory Committee member.

Travis has worked as a legal technician for the Department of the Interior, Office of the Solicitor, Alaska Region for 5 years.  He works directly with the Fish and Wildlife Service, the National Park Services, and the Bureau of Land Management to coordinate criminal cases that come before magistrate judges in the various federal district courts in Alaska.  His responsibilities include drafting a variety of pleadings and motions in criminal cases for review by office attorneys.

The Advisory Committee meets twice yearly to review course offerings and discuss program goals. Their most recent meeting was in October of this year to discuss new programs, internships, pro bono honors, an assessment plan, and a risk management plan.  The committee is composed of representatives from UAA, the Alaska Court System, Alaska Judicial Council, state and federal agencies, Native corporations, and private law firms. The Paralegal Studies Certificate is part of the Legal Studies Program. Prof. Deborah Periman, J.D., is the Legal Studies Program Coordinator.