Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dr. Rosay discusses collaborative research on juvenile substance abuse at Reclaiming Futures event

Far l to r: Bill Hall, moderator, and Susan Richardson, Reclaiming Futures National Executive Director,
open the program.
Dr. André Rosay, Justice Center, presented at the panel discussion and reception sponsored by the Alaska Division of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) and Volunteers of America - Alaska (VOA-Alaska) on November 20, 2012. Dr. Rosay discussed his collaborative research with VOA-Alaska and DJJ on juvenile substance abuse, and the impact on treatment completion and recidivism that the Reclaiming Futures Anchorage program has had in Alaska. Results of the evaluation showed that youth who participated in Reclaiming Futures were more likely to complete treatment, and were less likely to recidivate.

The reception honored the 10th anniversary of Reclaiming Futures and was attended by Susan Richardson, Reclaiming Futures National Executive Director.

The Reclaiming Futures model for juvenile substance abuse treatment has been used in 29 communities, large and small, rural and urban, in 17 states, including one Indian reservation.  It has been used in Anchorage for the past ten years and has brought together judges, juvenile justice professionals, treatment providers and community leaders to identify how juvenile courts can provide substance abuse treatment teens need to help them be successful.

L to r: Dr. André Rosay; Linda Moffitt, Reclaiming Futures
Volunteer; Lee Post, DJJ Juvenile Probation
Supervisor; Glen Kratochvil, VOA Restorative Justice
Reclaiming Futures is an initiative created in 2001 by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation that offers a new approach to helping teenagers caught in the cycle of drugs, alcohol and crime.  The national office of Reclaiming Futures is housed in the Regional Research Institute of the School of Social Work at Portland State University.
L to r: Susan Richardson, Reclaiming Futures National
Executive Director; Dr. André Rosay; Karin Schaff, VOA
Alaska Treatment Services Director; Jeff Jessee;
Alaska Mental Health Trust Chief Executive Officer.