Tuesday, December 11, 2012

3 Justice alums graduate from Alaska Department of Public Safety Training Academy in Sitka

Front row, 4th from left - Jacob Ruebelmann, 5th from left - Adam Ronchetti.
Back row, 6th from left - Sarah Herrin.

Three Justice alums were among the 18 new law enforcement officers who graduated from the Alaska Department of  Public Safety Training Academy in Sitka on November 16.  The Justice alums and the agencies they work for are:
  • Sarah Herrin, Justice '11 - Kenai Police Department
  • Adam Ronchetti, Justice '11 - Anchorage Airport Police and Fire
  • Jacob Ruebelmann, Justice '11 Magna Cum Laude - Homer Police Department


Congrats to our alums and best wishes in their new careers!