Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Domestic violence research by Justice Center and AJSAC highlighted in Seawolf Monthly

The October 2016 issue of  Seawolf Monthly highlights the domestic violence research, education, and prevention efforts on the UAA campus in the article, "Shining light into the darkness of domestic violence." Seawolf Monthly is an electronic newsletter sent to university and community partners. The article is also noted on the UAA homepage.

The article focuses on research being done by Dr. André Rosay, Justice Center Director; Dr. Lindsey Blumenstein, Justice Center faculty; Dr. Brad Myrstol, Alaska Justice Statistical Analysis (AJSAC) Director; and Khristy Parker, MPA, AJSAC Research Professional.

The story notes:
"The Justice Center’s André Rosay, Lindsey Blumenstein, Brad Myrstol and Khristy Parker have conducted recent research and surveys that more sharply define where and why domestic violence happens in Anchorage and other areas of the state, how it looks in rural versus urban areas, helping lawmakers, Alaska State Troopers and others in the community better understand its nuances so they can more effectively address domestic violence issues.'The intention of [the Alaska Department of Public Safety’s] collaboration with the university is to embrace and learn from the results from the study—a step toward data-driven policymaking and maximizing the use of very limited departmental resources,' the troopers said in a January 2016 press release."

Read the full article here: 
"Shining light into the darkness of domestic violence" by Tracy Kalytiak. Green & Gold News. 17 Oct 2016 and Seawolf Monthly Oct 2016.