Wednesday, October 12, 2016

AJSAC releases Fact Sheet - Sexual Violence Committed Against University of Alaska Students, by Gender

AJSAC Fact Sheet 16-05
The 16-05 issue of the AJSAC Fact Sheet, "Sexual Violence Committed Against University of Alaska Students, by Gender," presents separate estimates of sexual violence, including sexual misconduct and sexual assault victimization both on and off campus, against women and men enrolled at the University of Alaska (UA) in spring semester 2016. Women- and men-specific estimates are provided for the UA system as a whole only.

The results presented here are based on the survey responses of a randomly selected sample of 1,982 undergraduate and graduate students who were enrolled at any of the three UA major administrative units (MAUs) — UA Anchorage (UAA), UA Fairbanks (UAF), or UA Southeast (UAS) during spring semester 2016. This survey was modeled after the Campus Climate Survey Recommendations prepared by the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault.

Dr. Lindsey Blumenstein, Justice Center faculty, and Dr. Brad Myrstol, Director, Alaska Justice Statistical Analysis Center (AJSAC), are the authors of this Fact Sheet.