Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Justice major and his teammate advance to final round in the James Madison Cup

L to r: Students Jacob Shercliffe and Sam Erickson, Political Science Department
Professors James Muller and Forrest Nabors, guest judge Claremont McKenna
College Professor James Nichols,and students William Jodwalis and Austin Otos.
Photo courtesy of the UAA Political Science Department website.

Justice major, Austin Otos, and Political Science major, William Jodwalis, recently participated as a team in the 2016 James Madison Cup. During this annual competition held by the UAA Department of Political Science, students are quizzed about their knowledge of the U.S. Constitution. The competition is open to any UAA student, regardless of major.

Questions vary in difficulty and points are doubled if the answering team can name the article and section the answer would be found in. Of 6 participating teams, 2 advanced to the final round: Otos and Jodwalis, and Finance major Sam Erickson and  Political Science & Economics major Jacob Shercliffe.  Shercliffe and Erickson won the final round.

This year's judges were Professors James Muller and Forrest Nabors of the UAA Political Science Department, along with guest judge Prof. James Nichols of Claremont McKenna College.

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