Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Justice Center faculty and staff attend College of Health All-College Meeting

Dean Hogan (center at podium) welcomes all the COH units.
The College of Health (COH) All-College Meeting was held August 25 in the Cuddy Center to welcome faculty and staff for the new academic year.

Chancellor Tom Case addressed the group and thanked the College of Health for their teaching and research efforts, and praised the level of excellence in the college.

Dean Bill Hogan addresses the COH All-College Meeting.
Dean Bill Hogan presented information on COH programs and budget, outlined some of the major accreditation efforts over the past and coming academic year, and welcomed new COH units and new faculty and staff.  The dean recognized individuals who had been awarded promotion or had received longevity awards for service. He also acknowledged retiring faculty and staff.

From the Justice Center, Dr. André B. Rosay, Justice Center Director, was recognized on his promotion to full professor, and Dr. Cory R. Lepage, Justice faculty, was recognized for 5 years of service to UAA.

Justice Center faculty and staff listen to the Dean's reports.
The event included a workshop on "The Missing Piece in Interprofessional Education (IPE) Teaching: Facilitation Skills With and Across Professions," and a presentation on "Mindfulness."

COH departments also set up exhibit tables to display recent research and programs.

Exhibits by COH units at the All-College Meeting.

At the Justice Center exhibit, (l to r) Prof. Kristin Knudsen, J.D., Legal Studies
Undergraduate Program Coordinator, and Dr. Marny Rivera, Justice Undergraduate
Program Coordinator.