Thursday, July 21, 2016

Dr. Myrstol interviewed by KTVA Channel 11 news about police-community relations

Dr. Brad Myrstol, Justice Center faculty and director of the Alaska Justice Statistical Analysis Center, was interviewed recently by Alexis Fernandez of KTVA Channel 11 news about police-community relations in Anchorage during this time of racial tension and nationwide demonstrations about fatal police shootings.

Dr. Myrstol noted, "What is new is our awareness, that this happens at all, and a renewed focus on how often it happens.... Based on my [research] work, Anchorage police have done the right thing in terms of trying to proactively engage the wider community in general, and the racial and ethnic minority communities." He continued, “I think as long as there is commitment to meaningful dialogue and understanding the other side, I think it’s a real opportunity for us ... I hope it’s an opportunity that we don’t let pass by because of the high emotion that’s involved.”

Click here for a link to the full interview: "UAA professor: What Alaskans can learn from racial tensions across the country" by Alexis Fernandez, 7/18/2016.