Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Dr. Rivera facilitates session for Governor's housing summit on January 6

Dr. Marny Rivera, Justice Center faculty, was invited to facilitate a breakout session for the Governor's Housing Summit held on January 6 on the UAA campus. Governor Bill Walker opened the summit and Anchorage Mayor Ethan Berkowitz was also in attendance.  The goal of the summit noted on the Governor's website was "to bring together Alaskans from across the state to identify the barriers and seek budget-neutral solutions to the numerous housing challenges facing Alaskans."

A total of 8 breakout sessions were held at the summit: Alaskans Experiencing Homelessness, Housing Affordability in Rural Alaska, Incentivizing Private Sector Housing Investments, Innovative Funding and Financing Options for Housing, Reducing Recidivism through Housing, Senior Housing, State Building Codes and Energy Efficiency Standards, and Veteran Homelessness.  The mandate for the sessions was to generate recommendations that would be budget-neutral.

L to r in front of stage: Bryan Butcher, AHFC; Jeff Jesse,
AMHTA; and Dr. Marny Rivera, Justice Center listen
to comments by session participants.
Dr. Rivera facilitated the Reducing Recidivism through Housing breakout session which included assistance from Bryan Butcher, CEO/Executive Director, Alaska Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC), and Jeff Jesse, Chief Executive Officer, Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority (AMHTA), and a designated note-keeper, Morgen Jaco, Reentry Coordinator, Probation Officer II, Department of Corrections.

All 8 breakout sessions reported back in the afternoon and their recommendations will be compiled and released in proceedings from the summit.

The one-day summit was hosted by Governor Bill Walker and Lt. Governor Byron Mallott, in partnership with the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation, Cook Inlet Housing, The Rasmuson Foundation, the Alaska Mental Health Trust, and The Alaska Coalition to End Homelessness.

Attendees listen to remarks by Bryan Butcher, CEO, Alaska Housing Finance Corporation, before moving into breakout sessions.