Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Dr. Barnes interviewed by news media about APD's stopping live police radio feeds

Dr. Allan Barnes, Justice Center faculty, was interviewed recently by print and TV news media about the decision by the Anchorage Police Department to suspend the on-air feed of police scanners following several robberies. Dr. Barnes commented on the tension between the right of the public to know what the police are doing and the need for police to be able communicate securely with each other while safeguarding the public.

See the stories here:

"Anchorage police suspend online scanner after rash of robberies" by Chris Klint. Alaska Dispatch News, 13 Jan 2016.

"APD suspends public scanner traffic amid wave of armed robberies" by Dan Carpenter. KTUU Channel 2 News, 13 Jan 2016.

"UAA professor weighs in on APD’s temporary silencing of public scanner feed" by Daniella Rivera. KTVA Channel 11 News, 15 Jan 2016.