Friday, December 18, 2015

Article by Prof. Brandeis on the next phase of marijuana regulation published in Alaska Law Review

"Ravin Revisited: Alaska’s Historic Common Law Marijuana Rule at the Dawn of Legalization," an article by Prof. Jason Brandeis, J.D., Legal Studies faculty in the Justice Center, has been published in the December 2015 issue of the Alaska Law Review.

This article begins a discussion of the next phase of marijuana regulation in Alaska following the November 2014 election in which Alaska voters approved Ballot Measure 2: “An act to tax and regulate the production, sale, and use of marijuana.” Measure 2 ushered in a new era of marijuana regulation, adding Alaska to the short list of states that permit the retail sale and use of recreational marijuana.

The Alaska Law Review Editor-In-Chief explained that Professor Brandeis' article "provides a review of the on-going development of a statewide framework for regulating marijuana in Alaska and identifies issues in the relationship between these new laws and the preexisting Ravin Doctrine that have yet to be addressed by the Alaska Legislature. This article updates his previous contribution to the Alaska Law Review ["The Continuing Vitality of Ravin v. State..."] on the Ravin Doctrine, which protects the personal use of marijuana in the privacy of one’s own home, in light of Alaska’s recent legalization of marijuana."  (Read the full editor-in-chief note in pdf.)

Prof. Brandeis teaches courses on the American legal system, constitutional law, and civil liberties, and is a frequent speaker on constitutional law and other legal topics. Prof. Brandeis also maintains a private law practice through which he advises clients on marijuana law and policy questions.  This law practice preceded the writing and publication of this article, and included providing legal services to the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol in Alaska.