Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Congrats from the Justice Center to our 2014 Justice and Legal Studies grads - best wishes for the future!

Some of our 2014 Justice and Legal Studies grads!
Photo by Anne Livingston
(more photos below)

 Congratulations to our 2014 Justice and Legal Studies graduates!


Katrina L. Albert
Katherine O. Barnes
Elynnie E. Batin
Jacob A. Carbaugh
Vanessa Chung
Jesus J. Contreras
Kristen A. Crain Robinson
John C. Croughen
Kimberly K. Del Frate**
John D. DeLesline
Christopher R. Dominey
Morgan L. DuFord
Clifford L. Dunlap
Madison D. Fitzgerald
Stevie L. Foster
Simona K. Gerdts**
Eva C. Gomez
Erik W. Gorman
Helen E. Haverty*
Azaria K. Kantor
Joshua N. Kopp*
Jenna L. Krohn
Anne S. Livingston
Kahlia M. McDermott-Johnston
Cary L. Miller
Lauren K. Nelson
McCade O. Olsen
Amanda K. Payan
Ariel A. Poston
Donte J. Powell
Matthew P. Presser*
Luljeta Rahmani
Joshua L. Resseguie
Nessabeth C. Rooks*
Tiffany J. Saporito*
Tanna R. Severson
Margaret E. Spears*
Stacy L. Tanner*
Chloe D. Thaman
David A. Vandenberg
Nahanni D. Wills
Hannah M. Woolbert

Legal Studies

April M. Gehring
Nicole M. Weber*
Kayla D. Wilke

Paralegal Studies

Kathryn E. Braden
Rebecca H. Hartley
Joshua A. Spring


Kimberly K. Del Frate**

* Cum Laude, ** Magna Cum Laude

Faculty of the Justice Center. L to r - front row: Prof. Deb Periman, J.D; Dr. Marny Rivera; Dr. Sharon Chamard;
Prof. Kristin Knudsen, J.D.; Dr. Allan Barnes. L to r back row: Dr. André Rosay, Director; Dr. Brad Myrstol;
Dr. John Angell, Professor Emeritus; Dr. Ron Everett, Dr. Ryan Fortson, J.D. Not pictured: Prof. Jason Brandeis, J.D.;
Dr. Cory Lepage; and Dr. Troy Payne.

L to r: Dr. Allan Barnes, faculty advisor, Justice Alumni Chapter, with 
Beth Mader, Justice BA '94; President, Justice Alumni Chapter;
and gonfalon bearer for the College of Health. The Justice Center is within
the College of Health.

Gonfalons for commencement. A gonafalon is a banner with the name of
a university college.  Each college has its own banner which is carried by a
gonfalon bearer walking in front of the degree candidates from the various colleges
as they march into commencement.