Monday, February 17, 2014

Justice faculty present at Western Society of Criminology Conference

 Dr. Sharon Chamard; Prof. Jason Brandeis, J.D.; and Dr. Troy Payne, Justice faculty,
 recently presented on the following topics at the Western Society of Criminology Conference (WSC) in Honolulu, February 6 - 8:
Lto r: Dr. Payne  and Dr. Chamard at their presentation.
  • "Super Controllers in Context: Fees for Excess Police Services Ordinance in Anchorage" - Dr. Chamard and Dr. Payne
  • "The Impact of Shifting State and Federal Marijuana Policies on Alaska's Unique Recreational Marijuana Laws" - Prof. Brandeis
  • "Policing and Place: Managing Locations, Controllers and Police Presence" - Dr. Payne, Panel Chair

The Western Society of Criminology is a regional professional society devoted to the scientific study of crime. The society attracts scholars, students, government officials, and practitioners from both the public and private sectors from around the world.

Prof. Brandeis teaches courses on American government, constitutional law and civil liberties, and is a frequent speaker on constitutional law and other legal issues. Prof. Brandeis also maintains a private law practice through which, subsequent to the date of this conference, he provided legal representation in administrative agency proceedings for the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol in Alaska.