Monday, November 26, 2012

Dr. Rivera's award for underage drinking research noted in online Judicial ENews publication

Dr. Marny Rivera's award for research on underage drinking conducted in partnership with Volunteers of America Alaska  (VOA Alaska) was noted in the November 2012 online issue of Judicial ENews: Underage Drinking Related Issues and Court Practices. The award was presented in May 2012 by the Mutual of American Foundation. Dr. Rivera is a member of the Justice faculty and is the Justice Undergraduate Program Coordinator.

VOA Alaska has partnered with the UAA Justice Center, as well as the State of Alaska District Attorney's Office, the Alaska Court System, and others, in administering the Juvenile Alcohol Safety Action Program (JASP). Since 2005, JASP has worked with Alaska youths 13-20 years old. The program streamlines underage drinking cases by providing a model and services for screening, case management, treatment evaluation, and verification of program completion by juvenile offenders.