Monday, May 14, 2012

Prof. Periman announces upcoming launch of online Alaska Youth Law Guide at Alaska Bar Convention Law Day lunch May 2

L to r: Barbara Hood, Alaska Court System
Communications Counsel and Prof. Deb Periman
at the 2012 Law Day lunch.
Not pictured: Adjunct Professor Virginia Rusch.
Prof. Deb Periman, J.D., Justice faculty, spoke at the Law Day Lunch program that was part of the 2012 Alaska Bar Association Annual Convention.  She and Justice Center adjunct Professor Virginia Rusch delivered a presentation on the upcoming launch of the online Alaska Youth Law Guide. The guide is  being developed by the Alaska Bar Association Law Related Education (LRE) Committee  and other volunteers from the legal and education community.

Prof. Periman is chair of the drafting sub-committee for this web-based guide to Alaska law for teens and young adults.  The LRE Committee-sponsored project is modeled on youth law guides developed by the California and Montana State Bars.  Over 25 Alaska Bar members volunteered to write brief summaries of Alaska law for the publication. The LRE Committee is made up of Alaska Bar members and Alaska educators.

There will be a gradual rollout on the web starting in the summer 2012 as chapters become available.  There are plans for a printed hard copy once the guide is complete.