Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Podcasts available online for National Criminal Justice Month presentations

Below are links to the podcasts for presentations made during National Criminal Justice Month in March 2012 - click on the title.

  • March 1 - David Kaczynski, brother of the so-called "Unabomber" -  My Personal Story - the story of his family, and the arrest, conviction, and imprisonment for life of his brother, Ted
  • March 26 - Col. Keith Mallard and Chief Mark Mew - State and Local Law Enforcement in Alaska - the heads of the Alaska State Troopers and Anchorage Police Department discuss job requirements, cooperation between agencies, and what policing is like in Alaska
  • March 29 - Federal law enforcement representatives - Federal Law Enforcement in Alaska -FBI Special Agent Eric Gonzalez, Deputy U.S.Marshal Jimmy Johnson, and Drug Enforcement Administration Group Supervisor Todd Jones outline federal law enforcement career options, inter-agency cooperation, and the role of federal policing in Alaska

National Criminal Justice Month is sponsored by the Justice Center and the Justice Club

Watch for the March 2013 National Criminal Justice Month lecture series.