Tuesday, March 13, 2012

UAA participates in inter-university cyber-symposium with representatives from around the globe

UAF Chancellor Brian Rogers opened the Second Annual UAF Cyber-symposium on Dispute Resolution, Restorative and Therapeutic Practices via video conference from the UAA campus on March 7. Dr. Cory Lepage, UAA Justice Center faculty, introduced Chancellor Rogers for the program.

This event was developed and moderated by Prof. Brian Jarrett of the UAF Department of Justice. Representatives of nearly twenty universities and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) organizations from around the globe attended via video conference. Members of the Alaska Bar Association ADR Section attended at the UAA campus.

L to r: UAF Chancellor Brian Rogers and Dr. Cory Lepage, UAA Justice Center faculty,
before the start of the cyber-symposium.

Participating universities and organizations included:
•    University of Alaska Fairbanks
•    University of Alaska Anchorage
•    University of Alaska Juneau 
•    Village of Takotna, Alaska
•    Office of Senator Albert Kookesh, Alaska State Legislature
•    University of Hawaii
•    University of Puerto Rico
•    University of Delaware
•    DePauw University, Indiana
•    Lee University, Tennessee
•    Salisbury University, Maryland
•    Simon Fraser University, British Columbia
•    Mediation and Restorative Justice Center, Edmonton, Alberta
•    Yukon College, Yukon Territory
•    Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande, Brazil
•    Azad University, Tehran, Iran
•    Tel Aviv University, Israel

A shot of the video screen showing the global participants.

Participants discussed restoration justice programs in their areas and the current trends in dispute resolution, including the increasing role of tribal courts and the use of traditional forms of mediation, mediation in prisoner reentry programs and in therapeutic courts, and the use of technology in mediation training. A highlight of the event was a presentation by David Wexler, a nationally recognized expert in therapeutic jurisprudence.

Papers were submitted for the symposium and are available on the website, and an archived version of the cyber-symposium will uploaded shortly.  For further information, contact Prof. Brian Jarrett, bnjarrett@alaska.edu or  907-474-6790.