Tuesday, March 20, 2012

McLaughlin Youth Center superintendent addressed issue of zero tolerance at schools for National Criminal Justice Month event

Dean Williams discusses zero tolerance at schools.
Dean Williams, Superintendent at McLaughlin Youth Center, spoke to students about "Zero Tolerance at Schools - School Discipline and the Delinquency Connection" on March 7 at the second in a series of presentations for National Criminal Justice Month.

He discussed the background and development of the zero tolerance policy in schools which results in suspensions or expulsions of students and the relationship to juvenile delinquency. 

L to r: Sophia Hoog, Justice Club member, Daniel Reinhard, club secretary ; Dean Williams; Dr. Troy Payne,
club faculty co-advisor; Sam Peters, club president; Heather MacAlpine, club council representative.
The Justice Center and the UAA Justice Club are co-sponsoring a series of presentations during March in recognition of National Criminal Justice Month.

All events are free and open to UAA students, faculty, staff, and the public. Click here for a list of upcoming events. Call the Justice Center at 786-1810 for more information.