Friday, February 3, 2012

Prof. Jarrett of UAF Justice Department speaks to Justice Center faculty about integral mediation

Prof. Jarrett (center) discusses integral mediation at meeting with Justice Center faculty.
Prof. Brian Jarrett, J.D., UAF Justice Department faculty, spoke to the Justice Center faculty on January 27 about integral mediation and the upcoming second annual alternative dispute resolution cyberconference.  Integral mediation encourages participants in the mediation process to look at the variety of mediation styles available and to adapt and utilize strategies from all these approaches to reach a resolution of the issues.  Mediation styles include evaluative, interest-based/facilitative, transformative, and narrative.

UAF Justice Dept. Prof. Brian Jarrett
This year's Cyber-Symposium on Dispute Resolution is scheduled for March 7, 2012 from 12 noon AK Standard Time to 2:20 p.m. The format will be an informal town-hall discussion. University faculty, students, staff, practitioners, local communities, and mediator organizations are invited.  For information on participating, go to the UAF Justice Department website.

The complete title of the cyber-symposium is "Inter-University Cyber-Symposium on Dispute Resolution, Restorative, and Therapeutic Practices," and the theme for 2012 is "Integrating Theory and Practice."

Participants for the 2011 cyberconference included representatives from the University of Hawaii, Simon Fraser University, Salisbury University, University of Florida, University of Maryland, and the Northern Institute of Social Justice - Yukon College, among others. The 2011 cyber-symposium is archived at 

 Prof. Jarrett is also the Managing Editor of the Alaska Journal of Dispute Resolution. For questions, please contact Prof. Jarrett at