Monday, January 30, 2012

Justice Center faculty meet for strategic planning

Eric Britten, facilitator, discusses the process.  L to r: Dr. André Rosay; Dr. Troy Payne; Dr. Cory Lepage;
Dr. Sharon Chamard;  Prof. Jason Brandeis, J.D.; and Dr. Brad Myrstol. Foreground l to r: Prof. Deb
Periman, J.D.; and Dr. Allan Barnes. Not visible in photo: Dr. Ron Everett and Dr. Marny Rivera.
Justice Center faculty met for a two-day strategic planning retreat in mid-January and reviewed the Center's mission and values, and developed a strategic plan.  The retreat was a follow-up to shorter meetings with faculty and staff, individual work groups, and surveys of students and community partners.  The process is being facilitated by Eric Britten of Britten Associates, and the final revised mission statement, vision, and values will be posted on the Justice Center website.

L to r: Dr. Troy Payne, Dr. Cory Lepage,
Dr. Sharon Chamard, Dr. Brad Myrstol.

Faculty have been assigned items from the strategic plan, and the Center will continue to work on identified issues as part of an ongoing process of internal evaluation and development.