Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dr. Rosay presents January 25 at Alaska Senate Judiciary Committee Crime Summit

Dr. André Rosay, Justice Center Director, will make a presentation at the Alaska Senate Judiciary Committee Crime Summit on Wednesday, January 25 in Juneau.

He will be the luncheon keynote speaker and will discuss Justice Center research, including the ongoing Alaska Victimization Survey.

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The Crime Summit will open with a presentation by Annie Pennucci, Senior Research Associate with the Washington State Institute for Public Policy on "More Education, Less Crime: Research Evidence and Policy Implications." Representatives from agencies and organization will make presentations to the group about justice in Alaska: what is new, what strategies are working, what resources are needed, what programs are successful, and  how the legislature can assist agencies and organizations in this work.

Participants include the Alaska Court System,  Alaska Public Defender Agency, Office of Public Advocacy, Standing Together Against Rape (STAR), Alaska Native Justice Center, Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority, Partners for Progress, Division of Juvenile Justice, Department of Public Safety, Department of Corrections, the U.S. Attorney's Office, Alaska State Troopers, Municipality of Anchorage, Anchorage Police Department, Palmer Police Department, and others.

A similar Crime Summit was held four years ago in Juneau in 2008. Senator Hollis French (D) is the Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee.