Monday, November 7, 2011

Prof. Wolfe presents crime scene and evidence collection for statewide law enforcement agencies

(l to r) Enhancing snow impressions to see detail.
Prof. Jim Wolfe, Justice Center adjunct faculty, lectured at several law enforcement training events during October and November. During the week of October 24, he presented "Crime Scene and Evidence Collection" at the UAF CTC Law Enforcement Academy in Fairbanks.

The following week he was in Bethel for the Advanced VPO (Village Police Officer) Training where he team taught "Crime Scene and Evidence Collection" with Jessica Hogan of the Alaska Crime Laboratory. Prof. Wolfe will be in Dillingham the week of November 7 presenting "Evidence Collection Refresher" for the Dillingham Police Department.

Prof. Wolfe (l) discusses comparison of tracks.
Prof. Wolfe (l front) demonstrates making snow impressions.
Prof. Wolfe is a former forensic scientist with the Alaska Scientific Crime Detection Laboratory, and is currently a forensic consultant and trainer.

Photos are from the Fairbanks training.