Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dr. Myrstol publishes article on school resource officers in Western Criminology Review

Dr. Brad Myrstol, Justice faculty, has recently published, "Public Perceptions of School Resource Officer (SRO) Programs," in  volume 12, number 3 of  Western Criminology Reviewthe peer-reviewed journal of the Western Society of Criminology.

About the article:
Prior research examining people’s perceptions of SRO programs has focused on the views of
four stakeholder groups: school administrators, teachers, parents, and students. Notably, however,
no prior studies have assessed the views of the general public, and few have utilized multivariate
analyses in order to identify the factors that shape perceptions of SRO initiatives. Using
community survey data collected in Anchorage, Alaska this study explores the general public’s
awareness of, perceived need for, and belief in the effectiveness of SRO programs, and
systematically examines factors that predict public support for them within a multivariate
framework. Results show that public support for SRO programs is multidimensional and “fuzzy.”
Implications and suggestions for future research are discussed.