Thursday, September 29, 2011

Prof. Brandeis continues Justice Center partnership with the federal archives

Archivist Robyn Dexter discusses resources available at the NARA.

 Prof. Jason Brandeis, J.D., Justice faculty, invited representatives of the National Archives at Anchorage (NARA)  to guest lecture in his JUST 250 Development of Law class on September 15.  Regional Archives Director Bruce Parham and Archivist Robyn Dexter presented information on the types of resources available at the NARA.  Students will use the federal archives as part of a research paper assignment on a chosen judicial, legislative or administrative action.

  The education outreach partnership between the NARA and the Justice Center began in 1993 with students in the Development of Law class visiting the National Archives in Anchorage as part of a class project, and has grown and continued with great success over the years.

Regional Director Bruce Parham has been lecturing to classes since 1993.  However, he will be retiring this year after 22 years of service with the NARA, and Robyn Dexter, Archivist, will take over outreach to the Justice Center. Prior to joining the NARA, Mr. Parham worked as an archivist in Arkansas and California, and has spent 37 years in this work both as an archivist and as an administrator. Robyn Dexter and Susan Means, Senior Records Analyst, will manage the Anchorage office until a new director is hired.

L to r: Archivist Robyn Dexter, Regional Archives Director Bruce Parham,
and Prof. Brandeis.