Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Justice Center assists with Anchorage LGBT discrimination survey

Dr. Brad Myrstol, Justice faculty; Khristy Parker, Research Professional; and Melissa Green, Publication Specialist assisted on the research project and survey design of the 2011 Anchorage LGBT Discrimination Survey.

This survey is now in progress and is a collaborative effort of the Alaska LGBT community and Alaska organizations including Identity, Inc.; the Alaska AIDS Assistance Association (4-As); Alaskans Together for Equality; and Equality Works. An article in the Anchorage Press on January 27, 2011 describes the project more fully.

Melissa Green is also a founding member of the Alaska LGBT Community Survey Task Force, and co-authored two other research efforts conducted by Identity, Inc.: One in 10: A Profile of Alaska’s Lesbian and Gay Community (1986) and Identity Reports: Sexual Orientation Bias in Alaska (1989). Copies of these reports are available at