Monday, October 11, 2010

Dr. Chamard gives tour for Neighborhoods USA board members

Dr. Sharon Chamard, Justice Center faculty, assisted the Federation of Community Councils by narrating a tour for the members of the board of directors of Neighborhoods, USA (NUSA). The group was in town on a site visit prior to the 2011 NUSA Conference, which will be held May 25-28 in Anchorage.

The September 30 tour began in Fairview, where Dr. Chamard, along with Anchorage Police Department Community Action Policing (CAP) Team members Lt. Garry Gilliam and Acting Sergeant Jennifer Haywood, talked about the public safety challenges in the neighborhood, and how the community and police have worked together to address these concerns. The tour continued into Spenard, where the past presidents of that neighborhood’s community council, Matt Burkholder and Jason Bergerson, discussed efforts of the community and the CAP Team to solve problems associated with budget motels and after-hour clubs. Community policing is one of Dr. Chamard's research areas. Dr. Chamard is also president of the Fairview Community Council.

Neighborhoods, USA is a national non-profit organization committed to building and strengthening neighborhood organizations. Created in 1975 to share information and experiences toward building stronger communities, NUSA now continues to encourage networking and information sharing to facilitate the development of partnerships between neighborhood organizations, government, and the private sector.