Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Prof. Brandeis is faculty respondent for UAA debate team

Prof. Jason Brandeis, Justice faculty, was one of four faculty respondents for the UAA Speech and Debate Team on the topic, "The time has come to abandon race-based preferences in university admissions," on Thursday, September 16. The other faculty respondents were Dr. Robert Boeckmann, Psychology Department; Dean Cheryl Easley, College of Health and Social Welfare; and Dr. Diane Hirshberg, Institute of Social and Economic Research (ISER).

Faculty respondents listen intently to debaters (left to right) Dr. Robrt Boeckmann,
Dean Cheryl Easley, Prof. Jason Brandeis, and Dr. Diane Hirshberg.
Debate team members Michaela Hernandez, Colin Haughey, Drew Cason, and Brett Frazer presented their arguments to a packed audience of students, faculty, and the public.

This free, public event is sponsored by the UAA Center for Faculty Excellence (CAFE) and the UAA/APU Ford Foundation Difficult Dialogues Program.

Listen to a podcast of the debate and the faculty discussion and public q&a.