Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Compensation for disabling injuries focus of course on Torts, Worker’s Compensation, & Insurance Law (LEGL/JUST A380)

Torts, Worker’s Compensation, & Insurance Law (LEGL/JUST A380) flyer
There are 26 million disabling injuries every year in the U.S.—and the economic cost of those injuries reach into the hundreds of billions. Why is the compensation system for such injuries so expensive, burdensome, inadequate, and slow? Does it work to deter unsafe conduct and products? Is it possible to be both fair and administratively efficient? Torts, Worker’s Compensation, & Insurance Law (LEGL/JUST A380) will examine these questions.

Studying tort law involves a lot more than learning doctrinal rules—it integrates a fundamental understanding of the American legal system. It’s also a great way to learn some professional skills in a true-to-life setting.

This Spring 2019 elective will be held Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:30 to 6:45 PM.
  • CRN: 37060
  • Catalog description: Analyzes nature and function of the law of torts, workers' compensation, and liability insurance in the United States, as well as the role of the nonlawyer legal professional in tort litigation and workers' compensation claims. Includes ethical issues in tort, workers' compensation, and insurance cases. Practice in Alaska and the development of professional skills are emphasized. Legal specialty course.
  • Registration Restrictions: Completion of LEGL A356 is strongly recommended.
  • Prerequisites: LEGL A101 with a minimum grade of C and LEGL A215 with a minimum grade of C.
If course prerequisites are a problem, ask about a registration override.

For more info, contact Prof. Kristin Knudsen at kknudsen@alaska.edu or 786-4885.

Registration for Spring 2019 courses begins on November 12.