Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Justice Center takes third place at Anchorage Youth Court 2017 Gavel Games.

Justice faculty (L-R) Dr. Sharon Chamard, Prof. Ryan
, and Prof. Troy Payne participated in
Gavel Games with Prof. Kristin Knudsen (not pictured).
Photo by Prof. Knudsen.
Lucy Cuddy Hall was filled with 30 teams of legal eagles and youth court supporters engaged in a battle of intelligence and arcane knowledge on Friday, March 3. The Justice Center, fielding its first team, battled for first with the Anchorage Bar Association through four rounds, but slipped to third behind Team Morrison and the Anchorage Bar after a round of questions on Olympic history.  Who knew bowling was an Olympic demonstration sport?

The Justice Center was a co-sponsor of the annual Gavel Games, the largest fundraiser for Anchorage Youth Court (AYC). AYC provides an opportunity for students to serve as attorneys, judges, bailiffs, clerks and jurors in cases involving their peers. Youth in grades 7 through 12 accused of minor offenses, are referred by the Alaska Division of Juvenile Justice to AYC to have their cases heard. Youth found guilty are spared a formal juvenile record if they complete their sentence and do not break the law again.