Monday, June 20, 2016

Questions about renting in Alaska? A new short online video series with 2 attorneys -- Prof. Fortson, Justice faculty, and Daniel Coons, AK Legal Services, may have the answers

The Justice Center and Alaska Legal Services Corporation have partnered to create a video series to help answer often-asked questions about landlord tenant law in Alaska.

The videos are free online and aimed at members of the public, and organizations that assist people with landlord tenant questions.

These short videos – each about 5 minutes long  – cover the following topics:

*Introduction (2:45 mins.)
*Moving In (3:42 mins.)
*Paying Rent (4:28 mins.)
*Leasing and Subleasing (4:09 mins.)
*Apartment Rules (4:36 mins.)
*Landlord Responsibilities and Repairs (5:19 mins.)
*Moving Out (5:12 mins.)
*Reasons for Eviction (5:31 mins.)
*Eviction Process (5:57 mins.)
*Housing Discrimination (4:36 mins.)
*Public & Subsidized Housing (4:54 mins.)

Please share this link to the video series with anyone who may have questions, or who assists those who have questions, about renting in Alaska.

The series was created by Prof. Ryan Fortson, J.D., Ph.D., UAA Justice Center, in cooperation with Daniel Coons, J.D., Alaska Legal Services Corporation, and produced and edited by Eric Baldwin, UAA Academic Innovations and eLearning.