Thursday, November 5, 2015

Alumni spotlight: Steven Amundson, BA Justice '08

This week's profile is the fourth in our series about Justice alums working for the Alaska Division of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) at the McLaughlin Youth Center in Anchorage. This post highlights Steven Amundson.

McLaughlin Youth Center Administration
Steven Amundson, BA Justice '08, is a Juvenile Justice Officer II at McLaughlin Youth Center (MYC). Public service is important to Steven and he feels his job at McLaughlin is a good fit – “a way to work for the greater good.” He talks about getting to help the kids out and seeing “a little click” when they have an “aha” moment and suddenly understand an issue or behavior.

Looking back on his Justice courses, Steven wishes there had been more emphasis on dealing with kids who have mental health issues. A greater number of kids are coming into the system who have these issues, and he stresses the need for a different approach with them. (Note: Steven preferred no photo.)