Monday, July 27, 2015

Dr. Payne interviewed by Alaska Dispatch about new proposal for police presence in downtown bars area

Dr. Troy Payne, Justice faculty, was interviewed for a recent article in the Alaska Dispatch News about a proposal by bar owners downtown to pay for additional Anchorage Police Department (APD) officers to patrol during weekend bar-break hours.  The proposal has not been
finalized, but would involve an agreement between APD and the Anchorage Downtown Partnership.

 Dr. Payne noted that, "using the police department as a middleman would better avoid potential ethical problems associated with bar owners directly employing off-duty police officers as security guards, as is allowed in some jurisdictions elsewhere." 

Read the article:
"Bar, restaurant owners propose to pay for more cops in downtown Anchorage" by Devin Kelly. Alaska Dispatch News, 23 July 2015