Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Adjunct Professor Jim Wolfe, forensic scientist, departs UAA Justice Center faculty

Prof. Wolfe (l) accepts best wishes and thanks from Dr. André Rosay (r),
Justice Center Director, at the farewell lunch.
Adjunct Professor Jim Wolfe taught his last Criminal Investigation class for the Justice Center on Friday, April 24.  The Justice Center gave a farewell lunch for Prof. Wolfe and presented him with a Seawolf sweatshirt.

After retiring from the State Crime Lab in 2004, Prof. Wolfe began teaching Introduction to Forensic Science, as well as Criminal Investigation, at the Justice Center.

Prof. Wolfe is also a certified police instructor for physical evidence collection and preservation, and he regularly taught at the Alaska Public Safety Academy while at UAA.  He plans to continue his recent teaching at the UAF-CTC Law Enforcement Academy in Fairbanks. Prof. Wolfe's specialty is photographing and casting impressions - tire, footprint, etc. He is a frequent presenter at national and international conferences on techniques for capturing impressions in snow.

His valuable contribution to Justice students and the Justice Center will be remembered - and we are sure trace evidence will linger for a long time. 

Jim Wolfe appeared on a 2002 segment of "Forensic Files"
during his time at the State Crime Lab.

Prof. Wolfe tests a fast setting plaster in Fairbanks.

Prof. Wolfe photographing snow impressions.

Prof. Wolfe presents at the 2014 International
Association of Identification.