Monday, April 20, 2015

Alaska Court System FY 2014 Annual Report is online

Alaska Court System Annual Report FY 2014The Alaska Court System Annual Report FY 2014 was released in February of this year and is online. As it has for three years, the Justice Center assisted the court system with the layout and design of the project.  Antonia Moras, former editor of the Alaska Justice Forum, was the project coordinator for the court system. 

Melissa S. Green, Justice Center publication specialist, worked with Ms. Moras on the project through a contract with the court system.  In collaboration with Ms. Moras, Ms. Green completed the design and layout of the text and statistical tables for the Annual Report and a Profile of the Alaska Court System.

This issue of the annual report is presented in the new, expanded format developed for the FY 2012 report which Ms. Moras and Ms. Green also collaborated on. The report includes profiles of the judges with photos, maps, easy-to-read statistical tables, an overview of the court system, highlights of court initiatives, and photos of Alaska court houses, as well as photos of scenic areas around the state.

The full text of the report in color is online at the Alaska Court System website.